Sitel Group is back on the airwaves with its own customer experience podcastEmpowerCX NOW - featuring Joey Coleman and Dan Gingiss, CX enthusiasts and hosts of the Experience This! podcast.

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Episode 5

NOW is the time to reimagine learning


Director of Global Customer Success

Dan tries our VR Learning Experience

Episode 4

Employee Experience NOW: empowering your people and the impact on CX


SVP, Solutions & Innovation - Sitel Group

Episode 3

Disruption NOW: FinTechs, sharing economies and ridesharing


Jeff Huang

Director of Global Customer Success

Episode 2

Happening NOW in CX: industry insights


Mike Small

CEO Americas - Sitel Group

Episode 1

Social Media:

Building Your Community Around Your Values


Wanderley Pasqual Junior

Social Media Support Regional Lead - Americas 

Lisa Boyles

Social Media Manager

Introducing EmpowerCX NOW, a digital event series designed to keep the conversation going around EmpowerCX, Sitel Group’s annual customer experience thought-leadership event. EmpowerCX NOW presents stories, podcasts, webinars, industry experts and analyst insights curated around the theme, Innovation Powered by Emotion. Join the conversation using #EmpowerCX on LinkedIn and Twitter!

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Episode 6

Joey, Dan, and attendees of the EmpowerCX event share their favorite takeaways from the conference and the evolution of customer experience over time. 

Join us as we discuss: the best parts of an international customer experience conference, the most remarkable experiences of the last year as shared by the listeners in our LIVE audience, and the true state of customer experience in 2019.

Live Podcast at #EmpowerCX

Episode 5

10 Learning & Development 

trends for 2019

For more than 14 years, Learning Tribes has been delivering customized and innovative training solutions to develop talent across multiple industries, countries, and languages. Every year, Learning Tribes publishes a list of the top 10 corporate learning & development trends based on experience, observation, and expertise. Visit the blog to learn more about what’s shaking up the industry this year!

A recent e-book release by the Sitel Group entitled, “Disrupt the Competition” posits the customer experience is a greater industry disruptor than technology. The e-book include a 5-Step process for building a CX Strategy that harnesses evolving customer behaviors in order to disrupt the competition.

The Importance of Mapping Individual Customer Journeys 

Episode 3

Customers Want to Share Their Positive Experiences with Your Brand

In 2018, Sitel Group conducted a survey of 1,200 U.S. adults that explored the impact of customer experience on brand loyalty, and what forms of engagement are most meaningful to today’s customer. The results were published as the 2018 CX Index, and showed that customers want to share their positive brand experiences with others. 

Episode 2

There is much to learn from the way ancient tribes developed. Without the technology or resources we have in modern times, how did they progress? We’ll identify the key elements of tribal learning and how these methods still apply today. 

The Ancient Wisdom
of Tribal Learning

Episode 1

In this relationship economy, Online Communities is how you build exceptional customer experience. Empower your customers and they will take care of your bottom line.

How An Online Community Can Improve Your Customer Care

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